Weakley County Municipal Electric System

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Martin, Tennessee 38237

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Renewable Energy Program

WCMES customers who are interested in Renewable Energy, or some may refer to as “Green Power”, can participate through programs offered by TVA and WCMES. If you are interested in contributing to the Green Power cause of our Country you can do so through the purchase of blocks of Green Power offered by TVA. Preselected amounts are available and can be added to your electric bill. Contact WCMES for more information.

Customers who want to generate renewable energy and receive payment for this energy can do so through TVA’s Green Power Provider Program. See the attachments “TVA Green Power Providers” and “WCMES Requirements for TVA Green Power”.

Customers who want to install renewable energy to supplement their electric usage behind the meter can do so but must adhere to the WCMES Operating Policy A9-24. See attached “Connection of Distributed Generation Systems”.

For questions contact WCMES and ask for the WCMES Engineering Department.