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TVA Green Power Providers Program

WCMES Requirements

Revision Date: February 23, 2017

The Green Power Providers Program (GPP) is a renewable energy program whereby customers can install energy generation systems on their property and receive payment from TVA for the energy produced. In order to participate in this program you must have an existing electric account with WCMES or become a new customer in accordance with the current TVA GREEN POWER PROVIDERS PROGRAM PARTICIPATION GUIDELINES. (see TVA.gov) The systems included and allowed are solar, wind, hydro, or bio gas. Weakley County Municipal Electric System (WCMES) will entertain these in accordance with the Weakley County Municipal Electric System INTERCONNECTION PROCEDURES FOR RENEWABLE DISTRIBUTED GENERATION. (See attached) The initial application can be made on- line through the TVA.gov portal, renewable energy section. WCMES will accept applications and proceed according to the following:

  1. A Capacity Reservation Request (CRR) will be generated by the customer through the Tva.gov web site. The maximum capacity allowed will be calculated based on the total kwhs consumed by the account during the past 12 months.
  2. The name on the CRR must match the name on the customer account with WCMES.
  3. The maximum capacity allowed to be connected to a single phase service, transformer, or secondary will be 15kw dc. This is per site. A second site will not be allowed on contiguous property.
  4. The maximum three phase capacity per site will be 50 kw dc. This can be made up of more than one account on the property as long as the total does not exceed 50 kw dc and all accounts are in the same name.
  5. After receiving the CRR, WCMES will review and either approve or dis-approve the project.
  6. If the CRR is approved by WCMES and TVA, TVA will generate a Participation Agreement Request (PAR) for the customer to approve. If approved by the customer, It will be returned to WCMES. Before WCMES will approve the PAR the following must be completed:

    • An Application based on Tier 1 (<10 kw) or Tier 2 (>10 kw or < 100 kw) must be signed along with an Interconnection Agreement.
    • An Application Fee of $250 will be collected.
    • Site plans must be approved by WCMES. This will include a site visit with the customer and installer. The point of interconnection and generation metering point will be determined.
  1. After Customer and WCMES approve the PAR, TVA will issue a Participation Agreement (PA). Customer will have 180 days to install and have ready for WCMES to connect. Before WCMES will make connection the following must occur:

    • The Customer must provide the wiring up to the point of interconnection. WCMES will not provide underground service.
    • The Customer is responsible for paying all infrastructure upgrades to accommodate the generation. This will include all material (including meterbase), labor, and transportation. A Cost Statement will be provided to the Customer describing and itemizing the cost.
    • Customer must have a fused, manual, lockable, visible load break disconnect switch between the generation source and the generation meter. The generation disconnection switch and generation meter must be properly labeled as “Generation Disconnect” and “Generation Meter” with a permanent label.
    • The Generation Disconnect must be wired with the line side (top) being fed from the Generation Meter. The Generation Meter must be fed from the Generation Disconnect or the generation source. The load side of the meter will connect to the WCMES power grid.
    • No customer owned equipment such as inverters, generator meter base, or generation disconnect shall be installed on WCMES property.
    • WCMES will not hook up any system until it has passed a final inspection by the State Wiring Inspector. No service release inspection will be allowed on GPP installations.
    • WCMES will make the connection to the WCMES grid after the final inspection and all fees are paid by customer.