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Pay My Bill


You will need your 12 digit account number and payment information. A convenience fee will be added to your payment for each transaction.

Click this link: https://wcmes.utilitynexus.com/


Now you can pay from anywhere, anytime and manage your account with the convenient Mobile App. Simply click on one of the Mobile App buttons below, install the app and follow the prompts. It’s easy!

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BY PHONE – 1 (888) 643-1082

You will need your 12 digit account number and payment information. A convenience fee will be added to your payment for each transaction. 

Payments processed by online or phone is not posted in real time. Overnight processing is required. Customers who have been disconnected for nonpayment and are paying for reconnection need to call the office once the payment is made. This will ensure timely reconnection of your service. Please note your confirmation number for all electronic payments.


WCMES has several locations for customers to pay in person. Please note the following locations. You will need to confirm office hours with the payment location.


WCMES Office
11181 Hwy. 22

(731) 587-9521


Carroll Bank & Trust
133 East Main St.

(731) 742-2221


Gleason City Hall
101 College Street



Sharon City Hall
5320 S HWY Ave

(731) 456-2122


Security Bank and Trust Company, Fulton Bank Branch
One Bankers Plaza

(270) 472-2711

Simmons Bank

142 E. Main St
Sharon, TN



The System offers a Bank Draft Plan for paying electric bills. The plan authorizes WCMES to send the customer’s bank a draft each month, near the discount date, in the amount of the electric bill. The customer receives the regular bill marked “Memorandum only; do not pay” to inform the customer of the amount of the draft and kWh used. Bring a voided check and a government issued photo id such as a driver’s licenses to our office at 11181 Hwy. 22, Martin, TN 38237.

Check Processing Procedures:

The system may accept checks as a payment for services and will recover losses due to bad checks.

Checks Accepted

Personal checks no greater than the amount owed, except to establish a credit balance on that account.

Social Security or Government checks if made out to the customer and endorsed in our presence, with presentation of a government-issued photo ID.

Checks Not Accepted

Third party checks will not be accepted.

“Hold Checks” or post-dated checks will not be accepted.

Returned Checks

When a check is returned and marked insufficient funds by a bank, a notice will be mailed immediately notifying the customer that the check has been returned and that their payment receipt has been cancelled. The notice will state that if payment has not been made in 10 calendar days, service will be disconnected and the check referred to the General Session Court Clerk for collection.

On the 11th day after the date of the notice, service should be disconnected. On the 12th day after the date of the notice, the check should be carried to the General Sessions Clerk for collection.

When a check is returned due to a “stop payment” being issued, being written on a closed account, etc., service will be disconnected immediately and payment may be required in cash or by certified funds before reconnection.

When a check written for a security deposit is returned for any reason, service will be disconnected immediately and payment may be required in cash or by certified funds before reconnection.

Checks given last day to avoid cut-off:

Banks may be called to verify validity. If check is not good, service may be disconnected without notice. Also, a notice may be mailed stating that the customer has 10 days to make the check good to avoid prosecution, or…

Check may be treated in usual manner and if returned, service may be disconnected without prior notice and notice mailed allowing 10 days to avoid prosecution.

For all returned checks, the account will be treated as unpaid and service will be disconnected on the regular date.

Service Charge for all returned checks:

A service charge of $20.00 will be made on all returned checks, except,

A service charge will not be made on a returned check provided the writer replaces the check with cash before the check is returned by the Bank to WCMES office.


Payments made after the due date will be subject to a late payment charge. Official postmarks of the USPS will be considered as the payment date for all payments received by mail. Your service may be disconnected seven days after due date for nonpayment. Written notice of termination will be mailed to customer with final notice at least five days prior to scheduled date of termination. Service will be terminated if customer does not make payment or other acceptable arrangements prior to termination date. If the customer is unable to pay the full amount of the bill before the termination date, Customer Accounts Representatives are authorized to negotiate an Extended Pay Agreement with the customer, subject to the following limits:

  1. The customer must not have defaulted on a previous Extended Pay Agreement in the past 12 months.
  2. The customer must pay a minimum of $100.00 or ½ the bill amount, whichever is greater, prior to the termination date.
  3. The customer agrees to pay the remaining balance of the bill within seven days of the original termination date.

For assistance paying your bill you can contact the following agencies:
northwesttn.com; wecareministries.net; milanmustardseed.org; tnaaad.org; tn.gov

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