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Residential and Non-Residential

Individuals seeking to establish new service or transfer service may do so at our office located at 11181 Hwy. 22, Martin, TN 38237. Applicant will need to provide two forms of identification. One form of identification must be a valid government issued photo identification. There is a $25 set fee for all new or transferred connections of service. The set fee is $50 after 4 p.m . WCMES will require a security deposit.


Electric accounts may be closed by request at our office located at 11181 Hwy. 22, Martin, TN 38237 or by phone (731-587-9521). The meter will be read on requested removal date. A final bill will be generated and provided to customer. The balance will be due in 14 days from date of final bill. The deposit and any unpaid interest will be applied against unpaid bills of the customer, and if any balance remains after such application, said balance shall be refunded to customer. Alternately, the customer may request the deposit to be held for future accounts.


WCMES will provide outdoor lighting on a rental basis. The rate will be shown as a separate listing on your electric bill.

WCMES can provide yard lighting as well as flood lighting for parking lots and larger areas. The yard light will be a 64 watt LED. The flood lighting will be a 400 watt or 1000 watt Metal Halide.

All WCMES lighting will be installed on WCMES poles. If a pole needs to be installed to get the light where you want it, a pole charge will be added to the monthly rate.

The installation charge for a light is $25 for the light and $75 for a pole if needed. See rates for the monthly rental and pole charges.

If you presently have an outdoor light that is a 175 watt Mercury Vapor or 100 watt High Pressure Sodium and it fails, WCMES will install a 64 watt LED in its place. Since the LED is slightly higher in price each month, you will be given the option to keep it or have it removed.

If you are interested in WCMES Outdoor Lighting, please contact WCMES and ask for the Engineering Department. A field Engineer will come out and help you assess where your new light will need to be installed.


WCMES owns and maintains several miles of single mode fiber optic cable. Each fiber optic cable contains several fibers, more than enough to meet our needs. WCMES will lease out the excess dark fiber(s) to customers who want access to high speed internet or point to point connection. WCMES has connection with all bordering Counties. WCMES does not offer internet content. Customers can get access to the internet through other vendors while using WCMES dark fiber as the connection means.

If you would like to obtain a fiber connection it is possible you can do it using WCMES dark fiber. If you are interested, contact the WCMES Engineering Department for more details.



  • Heat pumps are financed at an 8% locked in rate for up to 10 years which will be billed on the monthly electric bill. The Heat pump must be installed by a TVA approved contractor.
  • Customer must own the home (deeded in their name).
  • If it is a mobile home it must have a permanent brick or block foundation. The customer must own the property it is setting on (deeded in their name).
  • The customer must be approved for the loan which means a credit check is run. The home owner’s social security number, driver’s license and date of birth must be provided.
  • No cosigners are allowed.
  • After the loan has been approved there is a $30 filing fee. A lien will be filed at the courthouse against the heat pump. This means that if the house is sold this has to be paid off first.
  • The customer may pay down or make extra payments at any time in person at the WCMES office.
  • The loan maybe paid off at any time.
    Call Shelly Bowers for further information.


Customers are often unaware that connection of any type of Distributed Generation system, such as windmills, solar panels, etc., to the Customer’s premises wiring constitutes a Grid Interconnection. Distributed Generation systems may interject electric power onto the electric grid by parallel operation and reverse flow through the revenue meter. Such parallel operation presents a safety hazard to WCMES employees and raise questions about payment for excess energy generated. This Operating Policy outlines the conditions under which Distributed Generation systems will be permitted to be inter-connected with the WCMES distribution system.

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